Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

today I woke up thinking it was going to be a boring Sunday, but instead today is going to be packed full of fun with this game. It's like a real game with a mixture of dead space and halo I don't know why. And I don't know why there is no medals for this game ever, love the art and the story line I'm hopping there is going to be more of this game. :D

Great game guys, but i got a bug.
Switch to fullscreen and back and you will see, that game fiewld renders only in left botton quarter.

I wanted to wait till I've finished the game but oh I've bumped into a bug, that's pretty frustrating.
I've died twice at level 8, each when i was almost till the end lift (once halfway through battling the boss of the level). I've been pretty patient with the shitty lag that slow-motioned everything (prob my mac drive or internet).
Now I'm on my forth try and have collected all 4 keys, possibly all security keys and cash cards on the level too..
..and I can't open the goddamn single door that opens to the boss and my way out.

I've placed trip wires before attempting to open the door, perhaps that triggered a bug?

Also another annoyance (bug), is in the supply hubs eat my money without actually replenishing my purchases. I'd have to switch to that certain weapon for the ammo transaction to go through. Sometimes during the game, I lost ammo when I switch weapons.

Is this because I'm using chrome to play this game?

Anyways, hope you can fix this soon because I'm still super eager to finish this game and put down a good review. Because this game is amazing, the dialogue, easter chat logs, art, atmosphere etc.

alien vs predator refrences XD

Like the first, this one is also fun. the bullets seem to be traveling in slow motion though, takes about 10 seconds from me firing till they hit the wall, could be my graphics driver though however i seem to be having ammo trouble with my assault rifle whenever its not equipped though. For some reason I cant buy ammo for it without equipping it and whenever i use another gun the assault rifle ammo gets drained.