Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

One of the best games on Newgrounds! It feels like its own stand alone game, made by a professional company. It actually feel as if I am playing a I game that I bought. Keep going in this direction, and you could go on to developing games for the big boys at Valve! Great work! My only gripe is the indestructible crates. Great Job!

Couldn't play for more than 10 minutes. Simply wasn't impressed and what I was experiencing threatened to ruin what I already loved about Outpost: Haven. Walking is atrocious. The way you walk then sprint then walk again at seemingly random intervals was clunky. that combined with how laggy the game is on default settings was atrocious (I am on an even higher powered machine than when I ran Haven. I'll see if it is something on my end eventually but as of now I see no explanation that would suggest that.) the art style and graphics weren't really upgraded or updated at all, which is fine, but then it leads me to question why the game seems to be so much more processor heavy (or whatever it is causing the issues.) Fullscreen and small screen were the same.

Overall, a solid game.
However, I'd like to point out that the movement in this game is absolutely abysmal.

Is it too slow? No, it's a perfect walking pace.

The movement is just very odd. I can't exactly place what it is, but it ruined the game for me.

I played half way and realized I could play no more with the odd movement.

Squize responds:

The movement is really dividing people, a lot more than in the last two Outpost games, even though it's very similar ( Just quicker than the original Haven, as that was too slow ).
Thanks for giving it a go anyway, and taking the time to post your thoughts, cheers.

This was awesome. I love the detail that's put into pretty much all aspects of the game, the interfaces, the cutscenes, backgrounds, the splatter and other effects on the player screen, sprites and motions, that you start running on certain surfaces; slow down on others, navigate the map by dragging, seeing your character as compensation for the drop-down view, the sounds, the effects. It's a really gritty atmospheric experience, can't find any bugs or flaws. One feature that would be cool to have though: ability to change cursor size/appearance/opacity. Keep up the great work!


Squize responds:

Thanks man.
Oh, and there are bugs in there, I think you've just had a lucky play through ;)

Absolutely love it, it's a far better game than the first one (not that the first one wasn't good) so congrats on that. First off, the way you used the music was perfect it didn't over power every thing... actually in some places there was no music playing, just the general sound effects and if that was intentional then kudos for increasing the tension. Second; good god you turn the creep factor up to 11 and I love it, I also love the action movie like sequences, in fact there were several times I thought I would get killed by those meteorites. From what it seemed Jameson's side was intended as an action movie style, while Lee's was a Survival Horror flick and if that was the intention then good job. I enjoyed the new alien types and the branching two part style story; I especially loved the first mission where you put unobtainable Money & Key-card behind the locked door, in the same places where we picked them up in the first game. I'm on mission 8 and loving it so far, though I have found 2 major bugs. The ammo in my weapons is resetting (i.e. if I have 80/300 of SMG ammo when I switch weapons it goes to 0/0 and the pulse rife resets to 48/8); when I go to the store it only lets me buy ammo for the weapon I currently have equipped (I can switch weapons, then buy ammo for it, but then the ammo count resets). These seem to be rare bug as no one else has said anything about them (at least I don't think), but other than those petty gripes the game is awesome. Keep up the good work and keep making people happy with the work you do.

Squize responds:

Wow, thank you.
The whole ammo thing is just a nightmare to code, well, to debug / test.
I think you're going to enjoy level 9, it's just shooting porn :)