Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

yep that things definately dead.

ill keep this post short and concise

what a poop ending.
the ending was poopy, and the ending after the ending had me like.... damn that was poop.
the game though, the game was amazing.

no medals?


The highly acclaimed sequel to the highly acclaimed original. I was a HUGE fan of the first, definitely brought a lot of great elements to the table that seemed original, classic, and thrilling all at the same time, and I'm glad you were able to produce a sequel this good. First couple levels I was worried it was too much of the same, but I decided to keep playing on and was not disappointed. Enjoyed the easter egg chatlog that addressed the criticism, and I'm incredibly glad you chose not to do multiplayer for this (and, by the way... I have 0 doubt you could've done multiplayer if you had wanted, since the raw power you bring to the canvas asserts you are one bad-ass mother fucker with flash). In the increasingly connected age we live in, it's good to see someone choose not to take this route, and the product is already fantastically artistic and plays well. Also: just scored 10900 on the minigame, and I'm choosing to cut it there. Would've enjoyed an easter egg for beating the supposed high score, but what the hell, I can't complain... it was pretty lulzy already. My only two complaints about this are perhaps that the weapons tree could've used more spicing up (though the small additions and upgrade trees for armor were really rad) and maybe that sometimes with flickering lights it seemed that the flashlight would be overpowered and give into the flicker, instead of being that candle against the shadow, which is always a fun thing. Enjoying it, playing it, linking it out to friends for playing.

Solid job. The first had me at "Damn. Just Damn." and this continuation has me nerding out all over again.
5/5, 10/10, ~WCCC

Squize responds:

Thank you mate ( And thanks for the bug report / pm ).
It's quite a slow build at the start, returning to the first level as a tutorial, and the first half of level 2 is an extended tutorial too, that's why we just kick things off just to try and say "Ok, that's the terminal and all the collectables, we're starting now" as we had to balance it for players who have never played Haven.
I think level 4 is the first "classic" level and then hopefully it stays at quite a high level from there. We could quite easily have just used templated levels from then on, but we really wanted to up it every level to reward the players who stuck at it, so we really tried to mix things up ( I really like level 5, the change of pace, the parallax, sfx, lens flare etc. ) and level 9 is just our way of saying "Well done for getting this far, have some homing missile porn".
We try not to build games for the players we lose in the first five minutes, we're always going to lose them anyway, we try and build them for the players who'll follow the game through.

( We were going to do some easter eggs, for beating the hi-score and for flushing all the toilets and other bits and pieces, but just ran out of time ).

I really enjoyed your first game and this sequel is even better. It had more story, with a little comic style over it which I like. Still great explosions, sounds and now even with a nifty intro scene. Surely improved since the first one! Great game, now it's better playable on fullscreen too. ( had lag on previous game for some reason..) Keep em coming and make it a full series with an epic storyline if possible! :D

Squize responds:

Thanks man. When testing it I always played on fullscreen ( With specular lighting on ) 'cause then it doesn't really look too much like a Flash game.