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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

this game is really cute. very fun, and very different from any other games I've been playing.
what is the music you use? especially the music while playing agnesis. I NEED it D: its so awesome.
haven't tried any of the other ..planets? ran out of time today, will definitely play this multiple times and explore the game more =]

rezoner responds:

Hi there. Thank you very much. The whole (extended) soundtrack is available on my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/rezoner

@Purplex ; @guitan11 ; i had play this (nice!) game on chrome, all worked right, without any error.
Anyway, NICE game, relaxing music and all, can be very ''usefull'' when you want to spent time with games, all my 5 stars to this game, added it to favorite.

The gameplay was acceptable, but the music is where this game really shines.

I cannot even begin to express my joy. I've long-awaited such a game; one that stands out among the others. The gameplay is spectacular as it is customizable and addicting, the soundtracks are extremely catchy and blend well with the mood and initial speed, and it's very simplistic, thus sparing my framerate.
This is easily my personal GOTY and well deserves a 5/5.

rezoner responds:

Everytime something brings me down I just go to Newgrounds and read these comments :)

68 lvl :D