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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

Could entertain me for days.

Awesome game even though i don´t know how i managed to stay sane while completing this. Changin the colors is just MADNESS!

The gameplay is quiet simple but hard. But this soundtrack at the menu is just AWESOME! :D could I download it somewhere? :D

rezoner responds:

Thank you. You will find a lot of my music on soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/rezoner - there is also extended Qb soundtrack and link to download on bandcamp

fun little game very nice slightly nostalgic
i like the music and the toy thing must unlock all those
and this is very interesting would come back to it for more if i really want a challenging game to play though it took me a minute to realize what was going on in the beginning but i got it and just let the music flow
thanks for the speed up and slow down ability made the game playable

amazing game..... i only have one gripe.... and its a pretty big issue: THIS GAME IS TOO HARD TO FIND. i found this at school so i couldn't even log in to favorite this. i couldn't find this under rythm, skill, music, etc.... why? i just spent like 45 min looking for this one game. anyone else that doesn't know anything about this game would just look for music games, and this work of art wont show up.

oh, minor complaint here but, the controls can be confusing sometimes. not a big issue with me but it pissed off the teacher that confiscated this laptop.....