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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

The game screen is red saying it's unable to load. I'm on chrome too.

Most reviews are good so I'll give you 3 star.

beautiful aesthetically, lacking mechanically. The presentation is quite nice, but I feel like the gameplay is a bit less than complex or interesting.

I dont like that you can only stack straight up. Most games of this type let you touch side to side. Overall, kind of a boring little game. Also, how do we unlock more planets?

rezoner responds:

When you select planet - you can also select game mode (in the same manner) - the second one includes stacking vertically, horizontally or just matching 3+ blocks in any way. Select this mode - set speed to fast (in menu) and revise boredom factor once more. You unlock next planet by gathering 1000 points.

can´t play, I get a red box saying something about unable to load alternate.zip

rezoner responds:

Could u try a different browser? Preferably Chrome