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Reviews for "QbQbQb (full version)"

Fun, kind of a classic game play and style. The music and art work is very pleasant and nice. It is pretty easy but it can build up to get pretty fast and hectic. Not something Ill come back and play again but it was entertaining and fun to play a couple times.


So this was a fun little game you have here, The "MUSIC" was pretty intense and really fit in well with all that was going on in the game, the graphics are nice and there was some nice elements about this game, seems like you could make more of these games and even ad some medals, anyways nice game.

seems like you could make more of these games and even ad some medals


To say the least the song itself at the beginning was entertaining enough for me, but really the game itself seemed... to put it in words... loose. Like the game was just a little too fast. The receding blocks gave a sense of... imbalance. Like you know where you want it, but because you're moving the blocks the perspective screws with your vision. At least for me. Fun though. Interesting, just a little too... loose.

really nice!

But, what really annoys me, is that blocks come from different sides without a warning ... Is there an option to turn that off ?

keep it up!

The game screen is red saying it's unable to load. I'm on chrome too.

Most reviews are good so I'll give you 3 star.