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Reviews for "ESCAPE"

Extemely well done and fabulously executed. Even though it is of a smaller screen, you manage to pack in copious amounts of powerfully well drawn action, panning and rotations throughout the flick. All this with no voice acting and only with the use of sound effects, you created an awesome bit of heroine beat down.

Kudos to your 'pointless little action animation'. I would love to see more involving her and hope you don't abandon this little action warrioress.


SunnyGOES responds:

I also like this character, maybe I'll make little stories with her :)

This is the most dynamic animation I've ever seen!!! Hope you make more of this kind :)

ho sweet you give me the mood to restard to draw and animate. thank you ^^

this will teach them to do not harm the defenceless...(not quite so defenceless)

Amazing as always!

I have to admit that it took a lot of balls to submit something with a low resolution seeing that this site has an intoxicating obsession with HD. (Not everything needs to have a minimum screen resolution of 1280*720 with post processing.) Now, on with the review.

Animation: Goddamn, this beats a lot of the inane tripe that passes for frontpage material for miles. Your poses, timing, expressions, and use of lip-sync are magnificent. Plus, I loved how you did your pans/rotations the hand drawn way. This is the kind of stuff that's legit and excellent at the same time.
Sound: I liked the sparse use of voices and the music selection. It's not easy finding the right music, and even harder to find that right moment.
Content: It may be a one-vs-many cartoon, but the setting and direction make up for it. Many animation veterans are tired of the super fast choreography, yet you used it to your advantage unlike so many others on here. I think more Stickpage/Dojo members should do cartoons with fully-drawn characters because you can only do so much with sticks.

The Good:
-The setting
-Great direction
-Fitting music
-Adept animation
-Decent diologue

The Not so good:
-Not that original, but the execution is what counts.

Overall: Here's a ten from me. (5/5)

SunnyGOES responds:

Thanks, I'll make point of those notes :) Next time I'll try to be more original