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Reviews for "ESCAPE"

I came here because the character design looked interesting, to say the least I'm disappointed. Up close it's fairly bland, along with the art style. The animation's clean, but the constant camera pans make it difficult to enjoy. Twice was impressive, 6 times was showing off, 9 was just a pain. For some reason it was literally small so most was difficult to make out, but I won't hold you to that, probably technical difficulties or something like that. music choice was pretty forgettable, I just watched it over 4 times and I don't remember a note. sound effects were a bit bland as well.

So, what was done well? Well, it was competent. I could tell what was going on even with the small size, and the sound wasn't awful just forgettable, It hints at a plot which is something, and at least it was in colour.

In the end pretty bland, kind of forgettable

SunnyGOES responds:

You know, I agree on all points too. Everything you mentioned was true, except that's what I was going for too. My thoughts on this project before I created this were; super cool moves, reason for self defense, spinning cams, polished animation.

You've provided me with valuable points for the next things I'm going to make though.

And the reason for the small frame should also be known, it's a technical matter indeed. Working
on a bigger resolution would completely crash my computer, and the lag would be unaccpetable.

Damn! And I thought my public schools were bad. Where the f**k are the teachers! Ok. Anyways, amazing job all around. Keep it up!

I really love how the art style looks like a typical flash cartoon, except animated exceptionally well. Very awesome haha

THAT...WAS...UBER-AWESOME! The I love battle scene and the camera movement
I hope that you'll make a SEQUEL of this animation. (ps. I would love to see this little girl battle the teachers and the principal)

damn it man . that was sick as hell . i loved the camera angle transitions . that pretty tough to animate man . hats off to you sir . whew!!!