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Reviews for "ESCAPE"

This was simply amazing! I love the fight scenes and I love the change in the girl that occured after that guy touched her. Awesomeness! Also, great use of color! I wish to see more!

Damn, Dora. You scary!

10/10, great job. Art not best ever, but animation very, very fluid. Does what it does very fucking well, you keep up the good work, sirs. I need to go prove my masculinity by punching something very hard much harder than I should and having fairly predictable things happen to my knuckles. Peace.

HOLY SHIT my jaw fuckin dropped at one point cuz i couldnt fuckin believe how amazing the animation quality was like that was some professional type shit what the hell just happened WALT DISNEY IS THAT YOU?

Holy flippin awesome...

That was awesome!
I must admit, I was a little worried when it started out that it would continue to be creepy and I got worried for the girl. But then she turned out to be a badass. And I took pity on the thugs and perverts she was mercilessly beating the crap out of. They totally deserved it.

Very well done!