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Reviews for "ESCAPE"

You know, if I was a gang member and my boss called me to get some girl because she slapped him that would be the sign telling me it's time to either join a new gang or stop being a delinquent.

I was interested as to why this has such a high rating. It seemed strange to have a movie that small be so good. I was of course pleasantly surprised with the result. I really thought I could sympathize with the girl in this. She didn't keep on fighting (or killing) when her victims were down. Most of the dead ones were accidentally killed by that one swordsman.

I knew there would be a panty shot sooner or later. Don't come after me, girl! It's great to have such style with everything here. The animation could probably be a bit better, but it's still great. I appreciate all the hard work and effort put into this.

God dammit, awesome XDDDDDDDDD
I only don't give 5 stars because the size of the window


This was awesome! Love the anime inspired fighting! Don't know why the window is so small though. Other than that keep it up