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Reviews for "ESCAPE"

Wow that was amazing, I really liked how you rotate the camera shots and the power you produced with the punches. Really Epic fighting scene, keep it up!

super stretchy skirt

Not bad for the first 6 works. Nice animation.

Thank you very much for breaking the madness day front page with a big of original awesomeness.
Personally, not a big fan of the Madness series', but this was just so full of win it makes up for whatever other content would have been included on today's front page.

This animation flowed very well, and the music fit well with the scenes. The main character was well designed and cute, which makes her even more awesome when she destroys everyone.

It was also hilarious how the man overreacted to being slapped, thinking he had to kill her for revenge. What a tool.

Anyways, good job, it was definately worth watching.

The tiny frame was a bit annoying, but the action and the animation totally made up for it.