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Reviews for "ESCAPE"

Great animation
Some voicing would really help
And the visual style is kinda uninteresting
But really great work

Nice job! The camera angles were really cool and it looked 3d when the camera moved around the characters. I wish the movie size was a little bigger though. Keep up the good work!

This could use some voice acting to fit the subtitles/speech, but apart from that... it's just perfect. Incredibly fluent motion and sound, and best of all, there's a ton of action init! It's a rush from start to finish, minus half a minute of speech at the beginning. Great blood splatter, smoke, angles, motion, everything. And the best thing about it is that it looks like pure FBF, no fake effects or modelling, yet it's all in 3D. Really, really nice work!



Story Line:
Simple but still dramatic...
One problem though... What about the bag???

I love the drawing style and the expressions...

The twisting of the camera angle was awesome!

No voice but the music and the sfx was enough already xD

This movie gives me the goose bump :D

ive have never seen a video so small with no full screen. but what ever that was a pretty kcik ass video, congrats on getting first page!