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Reviews for "Pre-Civilization: Stone A"

Ok game to much standing around waiting for something to happen though

its unclear why my food production decreases every turn when nothing changes about the layout of my workers

it also needs a mute button

Has some fun and strategic elements - obviously it's important to not be in a situation where your population has maxed out, and it's important to prioritize upgrades to prevent this.

Has some elements which are not so good. The element of randomness is meant to ensure the game is not repetitive, but the hurricanes are annoying (there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent them, and they can make a big difference on a tight game played on higher difficulty level) and the penalties for defeat to the barbarians can be far too harsh. A 50% loss of territory is effectively game-ending, particularly for the resource-creating or research-creating zones. At least with the food-creating zones, there are so many of them, and they are so similar, that the loss of one such zone is not important - but the science and research zones are irreplaceable. I wasn't sure that there was a clear link between the "danger" percentage and the actual probability of attack, nor was any indication given of the likely strength of attack. Often I could beat back an attack despite having no guards, so presumably other workers add to my strength, despite my strength being displayed as zero. Also the "High Threat" banner was constantly flashing, even when the risk was displayed at 0%, which I presume is a bug.

Giving the player "decisions" to make about what to do in the face of a mammoth hunt or hurricane is just silly, without some indication of the likely consequences of the choices. What is the risk-reward spread for each option? In a strategy game, if you're not making an informed decision on such a choice, then it detracts a lot from the gameplay.

Awesome game !