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Reviews for "Pre-Civilization: Stone A"

I really LOVE games like these!! This one though, I have not been able to beat! I love the concept, but wish it could have been a little more in depth- like maybe a random map every time, so maybe we could place our own buildings?...???
I don't know, but I noticed that popups would randomly say that my tribe had discovered new land in the savannas or something even though I already had the whole map in use. Then when I'd lose to the barbarians, it would say that I lost the forest or such to them, though I still was able to keep gathering there. It'd be more challenging if I did literally lose the forest to them and couldn't gather there. Also, it'd be fun to instigate an attack back to them.
I see there's a sequel to the game but it's for iphonepodinternettv phones- wish I had one to see what that one is like!!
Great job though!! Love it! Very addicting!

great game!! i love these type of games. pls do suggest other games like this.

and also i wont stop playing until i win, thanks for the Game :) it sopped my boredom

I WILL win this game! I am hooked and I won't stop till I beat it! :)

I enjoyed it somewhat. It had some interesting concepts, and introduced events to keep the player from becoming bored. I do indeed like the idea of the game very much, but I can't say it was executed to the best of the author's ability. The game lacks polish, which is obvious in the actual graphics, but it's not just the aesthetics of the game that lack diligence.

Well, I'm not sure how experienced the developer is, but I'll assume this wasn't their first pet project. So here's a bit of constructive criticism, because I really do see potential here, and some advice is always held in good regard.

First off, I'm afraid I am a grammar Nazi, and if you really want to make a good game having bad English is annoying and makes the game seem less professional. I am guessing, however, your native language is not English, but in fact Russian, considering you included that language option in the beginning, so I can't really hamper you with that - though I would suggest getting a native translator for any game that you really want to be at it's highest standard. I would even volunteer for that if you can't find anyone else.

Secondly, the graphics of the game also lack professionalism, and I think the reason behind this is because you didn't pull off the wonky kind of caveman art off very well, and because you were going for a sort of bent theme, it didn't bode well because of the lack of geometric shapes which are more clean-cut. I'd suggest try to avoid the theme all together simply because it won't look as nice until you develop your art style to a higher level.

On a side note, I didn't really see the point of so many things generating food (gathering, fishing, hunting). It takes away the intricacies of the game. To improve it, you could've had either, different food (and so, food requirements for different buildings), or more different materials (like more mines, different types of wood from different forests, maybe plant gathering or sand/glass).

I liked how you gave us the customization to give our tribe a name, but I disliked how it wasn't used really much at all. You maybe could have had it in-game or incorporated it further into buildings or on the actual settlement. Or for further customization, allowed us to give our tribe a colour or a flag, just ideas really.

There's a lot of stuff here though, and you have the potential to go very far once you improve your art and become more organized with your work. But for now, three and a half stars. I hope you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. If you have any questions, pm me if you really want to.

Sincerely, the Ninth Pelican.

ClarusVictoria responds:

Hi! Thanks for comment - please check your messages.

A very high-quality game. My one criticism is that it causes my laptop to overheat, but it's worth it.