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Reviews for "Pre-Civilization: Stone A"

I really love the design and the strategy behind the game, but right now the bugs and difficulty is quite frustrating. I finally beat this game on easy after 5 tries and on the 99th turn too. All in all, the game has so much potential and half of me wants to dive back into the game right now, but the other half feels a little exhausted.
If any of you want tips, I can tell you to never put anyone on guard duty, the high risk doesn't matter much, just flee whenever you encounter barbarians. If you're running out of time, starve everyone and just put all men on stonework. Don't build too many buildings, as they consume your points. I'd love to discuss more with anyone willing to.
Good job Clarus, thanks for the game~

Simplified version of the Civilization series. Still very enjoyable and well done. Good flash game.

I have played this game through four times now in the easiest mode and have yet to beat it. That being said, it is addictive and I love it! I love the Civilization games, and I think this is a great prequel to those. Just wish it weren't so impossible to beat, though!

great game!! i love these type of games. pls do suggest other games like this.

and also i wont stop playing until i win, thanks for the Game :) it sopped my boredom

I've got no idea what people are talking about, when they say the game is too hard. It seems just hard enough. I didn't have to pay anything to win on the highest difficulty - although it did take intelligence, luck, and a few tries. It could use a bit more polish, but it seems like a very balanced system. Indeed, I was nearly tempted to purchase the add-on.

After reminding myself that I won't pay to critique any game on NG, I had to sit back and wonder what might prompt that last star, in my eyes...

The odds of an enemy attacking needs to be adjusted. I usually coast through a game, sitting at about 33%, and I'm certainly not attacked 1:3 times. In fact, I once had the probability all the way to 100%, and I didn't get attacked.

I also think that more technologies should be added, the requirements dropped somewhat, and the bonuses they give a little more nerfed. This would allow players to specialize their tribe a little more.

Perhaps the option to attack, rather than just sit and wait to ~be attacked~ would be nice - temporarily lowering the exterior threat to your tribe for doing so, and maybe even discovering a new tech or gaining some resources as an extra.

I like that you've got 100 rounds to finish. Keep it.

I don't like that you've got to wait for a certain time to unlock other techs, and I think that it should be more based on the level of evolution you've achieved.

Finally: I'm a critic, so I'm not writing any of this to be a jerk. I love the game just like it is. My thoughts and a 4-star rating exist as an encouragement. If you can get me all the way to 5 stars, it means that I like something enough to pay for it. Upgrade this baby, and we'll talk price.