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Reviews for "Pre-Civilization: Stone A"

Simplified version of the Civilization series. Still very enjoyable and well done. Good flash game.

I really love the design and the strategy behind the game, but right now the bugs and difficulty is quite frustrating. I finally beat this game on easy after 5 tries and on the 99th turn too. All in all, the game has so much potential and half of me wants to dive back into the game right now, but the other half feels a little exhausted.
If any of you want tips, I can tell you to never put anyone on guard duty, the high risk doesn't matter much, just flee whenever you encounter barbarians. If you're running out of time, starve everyone and just put all men on stonework. Don't build too many buildings, as they consume your points. I'd love to discuss more with anyone willing to.
Good job Clarus, thanks for the game~

GAAA!! This Game is too addictive!
I have it set to easy right now and so far the closest was 117 turns :(
*sigh* But still I love this game and I waiting for another.
grr hurricanes grr ice age grr barbarians grr wild animals (some times) lol

this is the best game that i have played that works like this but its next to impossible to win and when i almost do win a storm comes in and kills my people :(

After entering a cultural exchange with another tribe, I stopped receiving technology points. Currently have 53/19 culture points. Seems a nice game other than the bugs.