Reviews for "Oozy"

Prety great, I give your game five star because it acomplished it´s goal, keeping me entretained for quite some time, and giving me a good challenge to my reflexes. Loved the art style and music, and it was technically very well done. The only advice I could give you is that you give the movement a little delay, just a tiny bit, I say this because I found my self running into enemies that I was close to before I could shot them, the delay would let you change direction before you start running. The ad between every level felt bad, but I am playing this game for free, so I really dont mind. Awesome game.

It's a nice game but some things just annoyed me.
First an ad.... ok I can deal with this. Then an story introduction.. you can skip this so ok. Then a tutorial for 5 buttons and a simple game mechanic. Then the first stage where you get explained you have to grab a green thingy.
So a lot is explained via the flying bug and its text boxes.
Then I kill an enemy and try to eat the an egg that appeared but I get killed because apparently the enemy bugs spawn from the egg and you are killed when you touch them.

I don't mind if some small things are explained in a game, but it is annoying if everything is explained and the game treats you like an idiot. Especially if EVERYTHING is explained except the stuff that kills you.
You can teach a player a lot with clever game-design without having to explain everything.

Watch this perfect example and explanation of game-design and you'll get what I'm trying to say:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fpigq fcvlM

Another thing that annoyed me was the continue screen between every stage. This disables the ability of the player to get immersed in the game because you get sucked out of the game every time just to press spacebar.

In short:
Why 2,5 stars?: It's a nice game with a nice gaming mechanic, good graphics and nice story.
Why not 5 stars?: There game treats you as if you'r an idiot and explains everything except if the first walking bug kills you or not. also the continue screen pulls you out of the game after every level.


Thank christ I have an ad-blocker.

Seriously. Your game is neat. It's a neat concept, the art is cute, and the music is good despite repetitiveness. You have a good thing going for you.

But putting intrusive bullshit in between EVERY goddamn level is enough to cut your rating in half.

One ad at the very fucking beginning should be enough. Not the money-whoring you're exhibiting here. I swear to christ, if you did this on purpose: This is a flash game on a free flash site. Get over yourself.

Few things; It starts of a bit to slow, the annoying tutorial thing gets in the way to often and the game is too long to not be able to save. Besides that love the idea and the increasing difficulty is fun. Really Needs Save!

I really enjoyed it and got near the end, but it got more and more lag and finally crashed. I really would have liked to have finished it. If I could have would give it at least one more star.