Reviews for "Oozy"

Got to the last boss and a pop-up ad kept coming up for something called world of warplanes.
The ads between levels are one thing, but that made the game impossible to beat.
You should fix the fuck out of that, dude. Lost you 1.5 stars.

Visually appealing, interesting mechanics, a lot of fun, hard but not frustrating, awesome overall, congratulations!!

This game has bright, charming, colorful graphics, with amazing animation. The strategy is very original, and fun at the same time. However, I don't like how in many levels, the squids are extremely easy to retrieve. They're just lying out in the open. Even though they were needed for the final boss, they shouldn't have been in the game at all, since they're mostly an extra, annoying, thing to collect that isn't even challenging. Also, the story is very simple. There's a life flower, and out of nowhere, this weird guy pops up and takes it. But overall, this is a great, challenging, game, that is as fun as it is difficult.

Original game, great artwork and good music, but the story its simpler than it should.

Awww... Oozy is cute... for a worm.