Reviews for "Oozy"

You have to replay from 4-9 until the end of game again, after you've already done it once, before the game will award the final three medals Jelly Master (assuming you'd collected all), Zelo Defeated, and Fury Zelo Defeated. That's extremely annoying but at least the medals are not permanently broken.

So, get through the entire game collecting all jellyfish, then reload the page, then replay from 4-9 until the end (yes even though you've already done it) to actually get your last three medals.

Another great Oozy game! It starts off simple and easy, then blooms into something totally other.

The enemies are relentless, especially the Hoppers and the Rays. (I don't even remember how many times that spider boss stomped me into the dirt.) They kept me on my toes, and you set up a good challenge by giving them the power to break ooze. I couldn't just block them out, so I had to fight. The first time I set up a double-foe blast chain just to OHKO a Ray? Totally worth it.

The story was simple, but that was okay, and the scene shifts were colorful. The move from home forest to wizard tower felt like big journeying progress. (enough to overlook the double-ad transition) The showdown with Zelo kept me moving even more than the spider boss did, and the very final scene's way of stripping the fight down to basics felt very up close and personal.

You had some rather vicious puzzle design too. Anything involving narrow hallways gave me a hard time, especially if Riot Wheels were involved. The other enemies weren't nearly as vexing because I knew I could turn them into ammunition. The Hoppers were great for kiting into the right spot to make an instant minefield.

Great game for a chain-reactive bug!

Marvelous, it's a nice way to get badges.

i wanna give this game more, but the random lag spikes that constantly get you killed once youre vsing the sting rays is just so annoying, its total bs to be in 1 spot, then out of knowwhere being killed like wtf...

really fun game, it reminds me of bubble bobble, also enjoy the retro 90s style house music in the first stage.