Reviews for "Oozy"

Not really my kind of game, but really cute, and a fairly fun time waster.

Looks like spore

Well good overall, until of course...you meet the dreaded purple fucking maniti! fucking most over-powered ad i've seen in any game in my whole life, jesus christ, you stand a better chance at living from falling into a volcano and living then passing some of the later levels. dont get me wrong i did beat some of the levels with the god kings on them, but 3-11 is just physically, fucking impossible, please nerf the fucking manitis or make it so you dont get 1 shot. thank game dev.

Really well designed and general concept is good along with sleek and smooth graphics. I have no complaints - great work :D

Great game. The concept is simple. Very reminiscent of Bomberman and such games, but with fresh elements added.

The tutorials weren't as big of a drag as some people have made 'em out to be. I think they helped me learn the basics in a fairly short amount of time, and the text that popped up when a new thing was introduced helped lessen confusion. I doubt I'd have known what the goal of the game was had it not been for that little fly and his word bubbles.

The graphics were insanely smooth. I could see this game being an Xbox marketplace game. The difficulty wasn't overly challenging, yet certain levels required planning out a course of action instead of blindly destroying orbs and enemies.

I'm sure this has great replay value, and I'd definitely love to play a sequel.