Reviews for "Oozy"

I guess I'm among the lucky ones. The game gets a FATAL ERROR: Null every single time I fight the final boss, but it actually did save my progress, so I only have to repeat the next-to-last battle before trying the final boss again. Rating on the assumption you'll figure out this bug and get it fixed.

Great, creative and cute game, but it's a VERY BIG PROBLEM that the game crashes before final boss and doesn't save when refreshing.

Oh man, very cute and all of that but I'm not gonna play again, too much cuteness could get me sick of diabetes

When I played it I also got a lot of lag and in the end it crashed at the final boss. Also didn't have a save or a level select, which means I have to go through the game again. Not cool.

Lags for me too :(
Hard to control because of that.

very nice game! i only had a little slow down so far with the 3rd boss, but everything is great! it makes me happy to play the game, it has a nice charm to it. = )