Reviews for "Oozy"

The ad between every level is kinda annoying but a pretty solid game here.

the poster I fucked the game page >=\.=
el cartel de la pagina me jodio la partida >=\.

The game is good, but too laggy. I'm giving it 1,5 stars because the final boss crashed my shockwave flash. And when i refreshed the game it wasn't saved. So i had to replay it all over again, but i didn't.
Make a less laggy game, i commend you for your effort, but it's still too rage-inducing in some moments.

When I first came across this, I thought it was a defense game. When I found out it wasn't, I truly had tons of fun playing it! It's one of the most creative games I've come across! I especially love how wonderfully everything is presented. You get a great sense of being in this adorable place. The colors work perfectly.

The music is great too. It's great to have a game where you make your own rules. Of course I figured out how to freeze my enemies. How do you think I was going to get that medal? This is an extremely addictive game. I appreciate all the hard work and effort put into it!

Great game. I had a problem with saving earlier and had to start over. But I have to say this is an awesome game. Great job.