Reviews for "Battle Dawn Galaxies"

desprately needs a single player mode

Crap, you can't even see the code when making & account. And you can't farm, what kind of stupid shit is that, farming is a must have for saving up and getting the best gear available.

Sucks!!! You call this a space game I would call it "Can you play at least 30 seconds without getting bored!"

"Battle Dawn Galaxies, all the horrid bullshit of Battle Dawn... IN SPACE!"

BattleDawn has it's own site, has had one for years. look it up. like many other MMOs, they allow their game to be played through well known gaming sites, like kongregate and newgrounds and armorgames, in order to attract a wider audience. it has 35,000 views, because 35,000 people liked BattleDawn and wanted to see what this new expansion was like. it's on the front page because it's a known title, with thousands of fans, and a comunity built around it.