Reviews for "Battle Dawn Galaxies"

While I won't reflect this in the rating, I absolutely hate when I hop on newgrounds to waste a bit of time, see a promising game thumbnail, click, then see that I have to sign up and go through the "create a username" crap. I can't find the back button faster.

Though in fairness, since I wanted to spew my two cents, I should play to give a legit review. First off, my first email was invalid, aggravating. Second, the game is slow-paced, like ridiculously slow. It's like Star Trek, something interesting only happens once a week, the rest is trekking. I do like the graphics and concept though, but that'll only get you 1 1/2 stars.

not a valid email? right.

I like this game :)

If you look at the discription before you click on the game, it says that you do your OWN shit, DO IT YOURSELF! Think about that in real life.

fix the bugs already. Your score is crashing.