Reviews for "Battle Dawn Galaxies"

Good game concept but there is more negative than positive, to even start the damn game you have to wait like 5mins, go through some tutorial which takes ages; no skip button for those who have a pretty good concept of what an RTS is this is really a must. Takes far to long to build, far to long. If you wanted it to be this long you should have just put it on a site like Envoy and all those other RTS games that take a million years to actually build a base.

No one and I mean No one! Likes waiting weeks to actually get a decent base. If that was your intention Newgrounds shouldn't have been your voice you should have done what Envoy etc have done.

It's not fun to the say the least but 3 stars for effort, sounds, graphics etc.

Besides this game has a lot of work on it, seem you gotta study a degree to understand it and finally is not so cool and fun

As I said before, NO ONE like's a RTS game that takes Months and even YEARS to beat ONE MATCH!

This is no where near the original versions of RTS that PEOPLE LIKE!

good game,but many glitches.an update will be useful

i like this game but it takes to long for resources and building structures