Reviews for "Battle Dawn Galaxies"

Besides this game has a lot of work on it, seem you gotta study a degree to understand it and finally is not so cool and fun

Good game concept but there is more negative than positive, to even start the damn game you have to wait like 5mins, go through some tutorial which takes ages; no skip button for those who have a pretty good concept of what an RTS is this is really a must. Takes far to long to build, far to long. If you wanted it to be this long you should have just put it on a site like Envoy and all those other RTS games that take a million years to actually build a base.

No one and I mean No one! Likes waiting weeks to actually get a decent base. If that was your intention Newgrounds shouldn't have been your voice you should have done what Envoy etc have done.

It's not fun to the say the least but 3 stars for effort, sounds, graphics etc.

ok 3 stars. all in all it looks like a good game. graphics and voice acting looked like someone cared and put effort into it so that's 2 stars. 1 more star for the cool idea to give peeps there iskys and cookies in little mini games between ticks. but i do agree with most other comments bellow because i do not like to wait a long while for things to go through, my opinion but still it is a good game so far.
props too the crew and fly safe! o7

I gave it a made up address to avoid spam lol. Anyway I'm not sure about this one, I can't get very far into it for quite a while since it can take REAL HOURS to move fleets around. i'm so glad I didn't put that outpost farther away. The tutorial gave a good impression but so far this is the slowest game I have ever played. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt with 3 stars on the off chance it picks up later.

Now I'll start this review off with saying, this game isn't for everyone. Some people require more flashy lights and lots of movement for their brain to register as fun. Some just plain don't like this genre. Some just don't get it. I, for one, never thought I would enjoy this game. Though, I still tried it to see what you had done with this project. Yet I somehow have been hooked by this game. Not sure why, but it can add a real sense of urgency to make allies and build up your colony when people always seem to be against you. Being able to customise your Avatar profile is a nice touch, not stuck with the usual three in other game, eg: Angry muscle guy with short brown hair and in military clothes, Nerdy wimpy guy with glasses, generic chic. Being able to add biographies and create multiple alliances can add a depth or role playing into the game. Of coarse, there are drawbacks. The combat is dry, nothing really happens apart from; Did we win? I didn't see anything, though I am not conquored so yay. The lack of sound can make it boring, I understand that their isn't much sound, we are in space. You did add music, but I tended to keep it off and use my own. The time does go a little slow, but hey, that's life. Apart from those, I can't think of much more. So overall the game if fairly nice, could use with a few more improvements.