Reviews for "Battle Dawn Galaxies"

ok 3 stars. all in all it looks like a good game. graphics and voice acting looked like someone cared and put effort into it so that's 2 stars. 1 more star for the cool idea to give peeps there iskys and cookies in little mini games between ticks. but i do agree with most other comments bellow because i do not like to wait a long while for things to go through, my opinion but still it is a good game so far.
props too the crew and fly safe! o7

The voice acting and graphics looks like they put a lot of effort into it. The mechanics of the game seems well thought out and since they made it available into any computer that has a browser basically boosted it up. But I didn't like that the tutorial took so long to finish, I didn't even finish it and get to the part where I had to input my email address. I just read from the comments below that it doesn't accept any of the popular email addresses like yahoo or gmail. If that's the case then how do they expect to grow their market if in the first place, they make registering for their game so hard.

0/10 nice try.

Enjoy your blam. I don't see how this game made it through the gates here on NG if you persistently won't accept gmail or yahoo email addresses. Or maybe have the forethought to advise using a specific type of email addy for the game before you waste 10 minutes of my time with your tutorial. It amazes me there are some really intelligent people making games such as these, but have the wisdom of a tree stump.

I was looking forward to playing this game. The tutorial seems well thought out. I use to play a game not to dissimilar called Star Kingdoms.
However, since the game is insisting my email is invalid and I won't be able to register my colony, I suppose I won't be seeing what it has to offer. Is this something to do with gmail accounts? I shouldn't have to open a whole new email address just to play a game.