Reviews for "Battle Dawn Galaxies"

i tried this game and played the tutorial. after tutorial it takes 30 minutes
and my 1st outpost (build in tutorial) got attacked by 3 highest lvl ppl with torpedo fregattes and other biggest (fortress) ships in this game. lost all my 58 lvl1 ships, outpost and my crystals...

for me this game isnt playable if there just 3 big alliances who dont accept new players - instead this, they attack you and make the game unplayable for you - befor the game started.

no need to play - completely useless and unfair to new players.

anyway this game should be removed from NG. maybe its playable if you spend much real-money.

+ 1 stars for the nice tutorial
- 0.5 stars, unfair game - new players? NO CHANCE.
- 0.5 stars, robbing my lifetime with this bs
= 0 stars

I'm sorry but is this just a scam to get peoples email addresses and flood them with spam??!
If the game weren't so weighed down by a meticulous registration and loading process, it might be worth checking out.
Unfortunately for me and a lot of others it's just not worth the trouble, sorry.

Ugh, another multiplayer pay-to-play thing. Pass.

looked like it might have been fun, can't register and thus I can't get past the tutorial.

I really don't think games that link to another site should be loaded unto NewGrounds, but then again, I understand why, and respect the choice to do so by the users, the creators and the people who run the site. So, you know, that being said, if I can't play it right from NewGrounds I won't give it a high score, but I will suggest players to try it, it does seem like a decent game, and maybe we can meet up on there, and have a star war.........ah hem* cough*.... anyways. For game design and development, just for the record, 4.5/5, for making it so there wasn't a demo we could play here then a link to your website at the end of the demo like you probably should have, 2.5/5 on this rating, and please take that idea into consideration and get one up.