Reviews for "HEXEP"

A very addictive and well-made puzzle game that'll stump anyone and make them plan out outcomes for hours on end. Congrats for your masterpiece, my good man.

Brilliantly designed! Puzzle games in general require skilled design, and this game is a superb balance between simple, intuitive game-play with increasingly challenging, complex solutions.


Great game! I thought it was a very original concept, and it was executed well. It's also very frustrating. I could only get to level 8!

The whole concept is quite interesting. A simple puzzle game with the use of hexagons and moving the mouse to turn tiles into colored ones. Each level is interesting enough to make me go on and on and on so its a very good thing :) Btw the song is kind of relaxing and makes it easier for me to focus too.

so in conclusion:
Graphics: Though its just hexagons and tiles, it does give off a stylized 3D effect which is just great and the use of different colors each time it goes into a new set of puzzle or restart it (4)
Music: Somewhat like trance music and kinda comfortable and not pressured when playing the game. Would become boring though after some time listening to it so would ask you to put in some more music like this one. (3)
Concept: The whole concept is original and isn't like the traditional puzzle games so its a plus (4.5)

Thus, i'm giving this a rating of 4 stars due to what I've noted on the music part. :)

"Use the mouse to light up unlit tiles (by rolling over them), with the brighter coloured tiles as starting points. Click to restart the level. Some tiles have different requirements, such as needing to be covered twice or in a particular order."

Interesting concept with simple graphics. I do love the background music - which you can change at settings, "Light" (dance) and "Dark" (mystic), "Party" being unavailable at the moment, I presume.

Art: N/A because there are only hexagons. :)
Sound: 4 stars (too few soundtracks)
Concept: 4.5 stars (simple yet brain-tickling)
Gameplay: 3 stars or 4 stars [non-puzzle lover versus puzzle lover]
Overall: 3.8 stars or 4.2 stars
Final Average: 4 stars

Psycho responds:

you unlock party mode if you complete the game (but shh)

cheers for the review