Reviews for "HEXEP"

loved it

One of the more addictive games I've tried in a long while - I really like how this makes me think without making things TOO frustrating...yet.

There's a problem with level 25. One of the hexagons is missing so the level can't really be completed. The missing hexagon is supposed to connect the longest "pennisula path" to the rest of the puzzle Other than that, the game is fun to play and it's a real challenge to complete all the levels.

try my face:

Concept has been done to death, but i like the graphics of the game! Also the interactive gameplay(just clicking to restart a level is nice and comfortable) however they get too hard too fast, just by level 10 or so it was more trial and error than thinking, because you would have to had a crazy memory to be able to finish a level without trying first.

However the menu was bad, really confusing. I saw what you were trying to do, but it didn't work.