Reviews for "HEXEP"

In spite of what they say, this game has a lot of potential.
It is a really great game with an ingenious and original puzzle gameplay, which I personally like a lot.
Keep up the good work! :)

cant get past lvl 11

This game SUCKS!!
I feel like my brain threw up, WHAT THE HECK!
I'm sorry but this game is soooooo! BORING!
An easy game isn't always a good game,i don't like being harsh when i comment,
because writing mean things isn't nice,but i'm sorry if i offend anyone because this game is way too boring. The art is good and so is the music but i'm not really interested.
I've played way too many games like this, or maybe it's just my mood but this game could have
been great.

You just have to light the spot that's all. easy game

Awesome game!