Reviews for "HEXEP"

This has to be the best overall and most challenging puzzle game I've played on Newgrounds. Perfect futuristic music and smooth graphics just completed it. The frustration this game gives me is incomparable because any mistake you made is on you; not due to poor programming or to glitches, but you. That is what frustrated me the most haha. Fantastic. Deserves 6 stars in my opinion. I'm excited for more! :D

I found this game to be pretty good, but my main flaw was that I couldn't advance. I was amazed by how complicated this turned out to be. I have no idea when I'm going to get my first medal. There was so little description, but I guess that was the point. There wasn't much in terms of graphics, but it was nice for what it is. I wish I could understand what the title meant.

I'm not really good at these puzzle games. The music was actually pretty nice too. I liked how it at least had pretty straightforward gameplay. For people who are more competant at these kinds of games, check this out! People probably should because of how crazy it is.

Amazing puzzle game.
I had to route my paths in ms paint for several levels.
Currently stuck on level 29; I can't make heads or tails of it.

Yay, I did it (beat level 30)!

Not sure what to say at this point, it's a good game. Didn't encounter any bugs, don't know what I could add to make it better. Not quite fun or complex enough for higher than four stars from me.

Excellent design, simple concept, great play.