Reviews for "HEXEP"

It's an amazing game. The best! It's challenging, fun, and colourful! I also love the badge for the level editor! LOL! :D

I don't always write game reviews, but this awesome puzzle really deserves it!
This game increase it's difficult in a smooth way, making the player adapt to it, learning new strategies and stuff. In the last 3 levels, I was about to collapse!
The background music was perfectly fitted and the graphics were really cool too!
I liked so much this game! I think that you should do a bigger version for Android, Apple and others smartphone systems, with half of the levels for free. So we could have even more fun and you could make some profit too! You deserve it after all.
Thanks for the great game! Keep up this way!
Kevin T.

Absolutely Amazing Game! I loved the puzzles in the Zelda: Oracle of Ages that were similar to this game (except that used squares and enemies to distract you). Ingenious design, colorful yet simple graphics, great music for thinking (I actually left the game on when I took a break just to listen to the music) and wonderfully designed levels. I actually finished the entire 30 levels and I was very satisfied after completing it. Make some more great stuff!

AWESOME! also I was playing it on IE didnt have a single problem

This game is like Q-bert meets the iPod game Flow. It is very puzzling, especially if you don't know what your doing. The sound is very fitting, it has a feel to it that makes you concentrate more and more on the game. Very good game. Keep it up