Reviews for "HEXEP"

Nice concept and very good implementation. Though the fact that the only medal I didn't unlock was the "invest 2h" means it was a bit easy. I also would like to have one 'undo latest move' per level to just correct that last spastic move I made. Finally some more types of hexes could be fun, like triple hexes, switches that changes the hexes or gates maybe, conditionally impassable hexes etc.

level 4 sucks

this is a fun game to play. it has some levels that are easy and some that are tricky. i love the medals. keep up the nice work.

Awesome and addicting as hell, I've been playing this all week. The levels are fun and get pretty damn challenging. The one problem I have is with the level editor which is really buggy. I can't even set regular tiles there and a lot of the time the editor starts to chug and get wonky. But the fact that there is even an extra feature like that is impressive so you won't lose any points from me.

Great game I like how simple but challenging it is will come back for sure.