Reviews for "Flightless"

this demo truly did catch my attention. it made you think about how each decision you make does affect ones end outcome. cant wait to see a fully finished game in the future

Like most nitrome games with a little twist, easy at the beginning to get into it but harder later on. Awesome!

I have played a lot of Nitrome's games, and i definately like this one. While most Nitrome games have a clever twist that makes them stand out, i personally often tire of them all too soon. Not here. It was dynamic, fun and even seems to have some kind of Boss at the end of the demo. Cool. Also the music is good and fitting, and as always with you guys, the graphics are very nice, too. Oh, and 2-player-mode wasn't tested, but is a neat feature nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

It's really good. Nice game play, nice graphics, good music. I made it most of the way thru the demo but this type game doesn't seem to really have any sort of story to it. It is very creative in using the magic ladder rather than having a jump option.

So, it didn't hook me and I'm not sure if I would care to play an extended version of this but all the same it's a great game and I know many people will give this a 5 and want to play a longer version.

Awesome! Very addictive, great puzzles, and satisfying monster-killing sound.