Reviews for "Flightless"

The art in this game is mindblowing--the animation is amazing, colorscheme is quite flawless, the game play is original, entertaining and fun. Honestly an inspiration to a small game I'm trying to work out right now:)

That was very fun and challenging. Very beautiful game, it had a real atmosphere about it which your games can sometimes lack but this one had a better feel to it. The sound track was fitting but slightly repetitive after a while, sort of distracting, nothing too major that it should put me off. The sound effects were really good, especially the sort of kazoo noise when you die, paired with the design of the enemies it brought some light-heartedness to the game which is refreshing from a lot of games that take themselves too seriously. Levels were designed varied and self-teaching with almost always something keeping them fresh, you didn't really even need to include that 'Space=Ladder' sign at the start, I'm so used to space being jump in games it came to me instantly.
I wasn't a big fan of the character design for the guy you played, it is very unclear. I'm not sure if he's wearing ski goggles or if that's the flap on his hat? Either way I didn't really like the design. Also you should've included that boss fight in the demo! Now I'll have to play it and... oh.

really fun and a lil challenging at times, to bad its only a demo

Enjoying the game, probably going to vote on Greenlight when I'm done playing.
Some of these sound effects sound awfully familiar though ;-)

Awesome game! Really liked the gameplay and stye for solving the puzzles. Very creative. It feels very similar to playing portal.