Reviews for "Flightless"

What a fantastic game! I'm on my way to my second completion. Truly gripping gameplay and so many puzzles with one simple mechanic. One of the most immersing games I have played all year.

This is definitely excellent and this isn't a "I'm going to vote greenlight", no, I did greenlight because the game is fun, intuitive, and a challenge generous to my ready-to-learn mind.

The presentation for abilities is fantastic, learning what each one can do as they come. Hidden rooms, pushing boxes, and the rotations become simple as you demonstrate them by allowing the environment to naturally expose us to them as we fall or rise in the dungeon levels.

Music was repetitive, but had a nice pace and feel to it. The ability to turn on and off SFX and music is a helpful design for players as well as the fullscreen change and rebindable keys. Also the two player experience is a fun concept as well. My impression on the co-op system is that it is more a competition than a regular friendly experience. It seems easier to solve puzzles on your own (I tried playing both) and the counter at the bottom makes me feel I need to race to collect more. It is obvious though that this friendly competition for "who gets the most" comes in handy because the combined count unlocks rooms ahead. It is competition that benefits rather than hinders. (Its like shooting your buddy in the butt except it heals his face.)

Flightless has a gorgeous look as well that fits the Nitrome game style; and it is awesome that you guys are sticking so well to a style that not only works for you, but is recognizable as yours.

Very fun, I genuinely hope that you get your game on steam.

A unique and fun platformer, especially with multiplayer.
It seems really simple at first but almost every 2-3 screens you learn something new to do with the ladder. It even runs well on my crappy old computer! Not that it matters, but one thing I couldn't quite figure out is what exactly is the player character? Some kind of penguin/platypus thing?

A damn good game, nice and simple. Maybe could use some other music, heh. I'm sure there will be more in the full version.

It's a genius move to have the full game on Steam Greenlight. This is really how any game on Greenlight should go about their demo process. This is clean, quick, and easy for the consumer. It's ultimately a pitch, but you get to use the actual game. I'll definitely find and vote in favor of Flightless on Greenlight, because I know what I'm voting for.