Reviews for "Flightless"

I really enjoyed this game! Can't wait until the full version comes out!

Good game. Fun. But you get absolutely nothing out of me for that stupid fucking "vote to continue" bullshit. Fuck off

Nitrome responds:

Actually there is no ending for voting for us on Greenlight....we are not holding anything back as ransom for voting! Getting on Steam would just open us to an audience that would condone us being able to finish it as a full product. I guess we felt that if someone liked the demo enough to actually finish it that they might think well of us enough to support us by voting for us on Greenlight....I guess something lost on you unfortunatly but not to worry....hope you enjoyed the totally un ad supported free demo before you wrote you review slating us ;)

better than the rest thats for sure but somethings missing

Finally a Nitrome game i can fully enjoy!

A wonderful game! Good job, as always, nitrome!
However, I would not buy this game on Steam, simply because Steam is evil and refuses to work for me.
Give me another option for buying the full game, and I will!