Reviews for "Flightless"

The music and atmosphere is really so cool. It reminds me of something.. I can't put my finger on it. But great game, it's really fun and I want to keep playing because of the cool music, atmosphere and sounds effects.

AMAZING GAMEPLAY!!!! The graphics and the objective of the game is simple and very catchy and that's the main and strong point of this game. 49/5 of blue gems lol.... I just missed one :/
If I could play this with another person it would be really amazing, consider still having the multiplayer function even after the demo plz! Maybe you can even put an internet multiplayer version or maybe with more than 2 players??? That would be just GREAT!
Keep it up and I really look forward to see this game finished....

Interesting game

Wow this game is incredible had a ton of fun playing it.

i hope it gets on steam! would you make a fuller version or another game like this for people who can not buy this game? pwetty pwease?