Reviews for "Death vs Monstars 2"

look at my rating

I love this game!!! :D

Awesome game!

I beat the first one around the time it came out and when I saw that you made a second one I had to play it as well. You've really got a good formula going for you: good soundtrack, colorful art, unique game play, and most importantly, just plain fun. It's a simple little game with all the right elements. There's frantic shooting action, upgrades, multiple and balanced enemies, and of course humor. I always end up playing these games for a while because they're so addicting and fast-paced. While the controls may seem a bit awkward at first, they're easy to pick up and I really enjoy how well they actually work for this type of game.

If I had one suggestion to make, it would be to either increase the price of the upgrades or decrease the value of the coins. Once you purchase the top-hat outfit, the upgrades come really easy and so of the difficulty/challenge is lost. It's not that big of a deal though because the game is just too damn fun and there's never really a sense of being overpowered either.

It's such a lighthearted game and I can't help but love it.
4.5 Stars. Great game, keep up the good work.

I couldn't even play the game, I press continue and I can't interact with the title screen :c

its ok wish u can aim normally :(