Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"

I don't know why, but I think this is great. Not necessarily a ton of fun, but a cool "interactive poster" type game.

I'm not a huge horror movie fan, so I may appreciate this less than the rest of Newgrounds. I wanted to give it a lower score because it's not fun to me, but I think the artwork is preventing me from doing so.

I'm having issues playing this game. Everytime I try a new game, it keeps kicking me off the game and back to the loader screen.

I love these kinds of games....but it's not allowing me to.

I'm using Chrome.

AWESOME!!! i love how many references but who is count pop?

this game is awsome but what are all the movies in this i want to watch them all XD

A real good timekiller,
had lots of fun with it, and I love all of the references!

Keep up the good work!