Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"

Loved it, was a ton of fun and loved how varied the references were. I am going to make one Nitpick though: One of the questions was to find "Klaatu from The Day the Earth Stood Still" yet I was looking around clicking on guys in suits saying "I see gort, but where's Klaatu!" and then it turned out Gort was the answer. Yeah, shiny metal robot guy = Gort, not Klaatu. Klaatu was his master. Just sayin'!

omg a creeper from minecraft? this has so many different refferences!

great refs to all that is great in the world of horror... however... a lot of them are unclickable cause of things in the way.. like the mute button...

deathink responds:

There is never anything in the way :P if they are behind the button, then they are not the right ones...I wouldn't do that to you guys :)

I actually knew some of them

but eventually the pixels start blending together and it makes it difficult to know who exactly you are looking for

however, I adore how many of the horror icons are actually in there along with some of the lesser horror movies

nice game similer to wheres waldo? but not waldo tons of charecters