Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"

Amazing game you have going on here for some amazing artwork!
So many memories of being scared as a little kid when I watched these classic horror flicks.
Great job on a great game, keep up the great work!

deathink responds:

Poxpower is a pixel master!

PRetty good game. The author should try and select the "ORiginal Gremlin"

Yeah, I can't select them. You need to make a button so you can get rid of the bar when you need to.

deathink responds:

Oh... that is not the ORIGINAL GREMLIN, you are trying to click. Google "GREMLIN TWILIGHT ZONE" and you will see what it looks like :)

Haha! I love it that you threw in the Baseball Furies, even though The Warriors isn't really a horror movie. I do agree that they are a scary bunch though! Kudos!

I'll give this 5 stars, which are well deserved without doubt. I mean, you have everything, absolutely everything in here, every character from the classics and some of the modern ones. I have rarely seen this much dedication to content, and done with such respect to each character.
The game itself is simple enough, but very amusing when you play and every now and then you see a familiar face followed by memories and awe.
Great work, and very appreciated, definitely adding to my favorites.

deathink responds:

poxpower and mockery sure did a fine job!

Ernest P. Worrell(Ernest Scared Stupid) and Killer Clowns from Outer Space?? The inclusion of them two really made me happy. Certainly my two favorite movies of all time right there. :D

deathink responds:

Great movies, extra cheese!