Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"


Spotted a ton of references. Some harder than they should be but I like the hints you gave. Only a couple stumped me, mostly Zelda and Monkey Island because I never played those games. Disappointed that there's only 100 because I spotted quite a few more like the Zuni Fetish Doll, the Warlock from Warlock Armageddon, Patrick Bateman, Scanners, etc. Some of those were already obscure and why not have some foreign horror references like the Zombie from Fulci's Zombie, the Witch from Suspiria, the Vampyre from Black Sunday, The chick from Audition, The Deadly Spawn, Jennifer from I Spit on Your Grave, Krug from Last House on the Left, etc.

Good stuff though.

The sprites just hurt my eyes only reason I gave you a 2.5

Deathink you do realize you'll obviously now have to do a game like this for the other three seasonal pixel posters Pox made right? You can't just NOT do it after this awesome beginning.

deathink responds:

:D maybe...

Awesome, awesome game. Great job.