Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"

The Baseball Furies are a nice touch. I love that movie. Cool game. It made me remember some things I had forgotten.

great game nice for the walkthrough help please make more games likes this!

"Rob Zombie getting stabbed for ruining Halloween" YEAH!

Also I'm really sorry for being stupid, I'm half asleep from staying up all night playing games like this but to start a new game or continue do I have to reload the page?

Thanks, game's awesome.

I wish it was just one big picture that the hand scrolled over instead of moving the entire screen (even in fullscreen mode) for instance I cant click on the original Gremlin in the border because the menu buttons block it. Other than annoying functionality the game does have amazing references which truly test your horror knowledge in most cases..Karate Kid? Overall I have to give this a 4 Star for the Mothman, which is a reference to my hometown of Point Pleasant WV. The creator really did their research...Cheers.

deathink responds:

thanks man. that gremlin isn't the grem you have to click btw, I would never hide somethign where you couldn't click it

It was hard to resist just clicking everywhere until you found it. It would have been better if there was a penalty for clicking the wrong character.