Reviews for "Hunt of HORROR"

i know horror alot


screw the karate kid... only one i couldnt find- and its nearly impossible to click the gremlin being as it sits behind the menu/mute buttons when you line up to click. nice little game. +1/2star for rawhead rex.

deathink responds:

Hey thanks man... well the gremlin you are trying to click isn't the correct gremlin (I wouldn't hide hime behind something like that). And as for the karate kid I will give you a hint "he is wearing his halloween costume". I hope that helps :)

I <3 the creeper! Thanx DeathInk!;)

Oh, beautiful beautiful nostalgia. Loved it. It was a simple seek-and-find game, but the sheer amount of horror references (most of them very little known) was mindblowing. The music was good in a fun-creepy-Halloween kind of way, and the art style was very creative. The pixel art however was one of the only negatives I have about this game. While it was pleasant visually, it made the game a bit more frustrating than necessary. Some of the characters to find were hard to distinguish until you REALLY start looking at them. Pumpkinhead looks much like Aliens, and Leatherface looks ridiculously like Ash from Evil Dead. That didn't detract that much however, and I love the small obscure references. I mean a game that features Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Puppet Master, Bubba Hotep, and Ecto Cooler...how can you go wrong?