Reviews for "New Avenger"

The animation was smooth and it was funny when he was like MAH ONLY POWAH IS TO TURN MY BLOOD AND WATER INTO WINE. Though you forgot that he can WALK ON WATER!!!!! :OOO but anyways...it did feel a little short, but the ending was funny, though didn't understand what thor said...WALKING ON WATER!!!

So... no Jesus Man?

But seriously, it's comical and it's got good animation. Definitely worth putting onto the site.

That was awesome! You have a unique style for the most part of this short. It was simple yet very defined especially the end. Audio was well done, Especially the voice acting it was hillarious for atleast a second to hear Superman cry like a wimp! This was a neat little nod and piece to The Avengers yet it was its own story in itself. I'm going to bestow you a 4/5 and a 4/5 in voting power. Keep practicing, creating and contributing on here. I hope you've enjoyed this review friends. Good day.

I have to admit, I would give this 5 stars if it at least had two more jokes... I mean, there were only 3 I can outright notice, and one was completely missed until I thought for 5 minutes about how this video had three funny jokes, and then I said to myself "Wait, that part with Tony was a joke too!" Anyways, it did make me laugh, and the end was slightly hilarious, but it would DEFINATLY make some people butt hurt.

The nails are in the wrong place, and i think that the last portion "nothing changed" did add to the effect of the humor it is just that humor took a clear path to no pun intended "offensive" negativity.until then i saw it more as satire story telling. None the less, the jokes were fair, but cheesy "die for tor their sins" "puny god" but the faces and actions that accomponied them were well used. Starks alcoholism for jesus's wine power... pretty funny, on both sides. and the american idol type stage? It was a good use of scenery and backround. AND im with adoomgod his costume was dope. Ill give it a 3.5 and an extra .5 for balls!

DuDuL responds:

Thanks for honesty!
Yeah after talking with friend a week after releasing i noticed that 'nothing changed' kinda ruined the effect and made people take it more seriously.
Glad you got the other subtle jokes!