Reviews for "New Avenger"

This is by far one of the funniest shit I`ve seen here.All my stars belong to this work of art!

I enjoyed it, and I feel bad that this video is takigng undeserved hate from people who can't take a joke. But I still feel it had some issues, I mean there was only one joke, the premise of Jesus being a bad superhero, but after that is sort of fell flat. I guess, just try to put in more jokes.

DuDuL responds:

That's fair - i guess i kinda made the Superman joke to short at the begining and that by the end of the film you just forget he even was there.

Nice animation. But i think it could be a little longer. You should made some scenes where Jesus fails in the fight against the bad guys, or something like that. Still, a pretty good work!

lol loved the thor animation, it was very smooth and fluid

You are so right...it's kinda sad but i love it!