Reviews for "New Avenger"

Nice, LOL. I thought this was funny, and it has a good point.

Nice animation. But i think it could be a little longer. You should made some scenes where Jesus fails in the fight against the bad guys, or something like that. Still, a pretty good work!

I enjoyed it, and I feel bad that this video is takigng undeserved hate from people who can't take a joke. But I still feel it had some issues, I mean there was only one joke, the premise of Jesus being a bad superhero, but after that is sort of fell flat. I guess, just try to put in more jokes.

DuDuL responds:

That's fair - i guess i kinda made the Superman joke to short at the begining and that by the end of the film you just forget he even was there.

Thor would be stronger than Jesus. Jesus was born from a mortal, which makes him a demi-god. A better match for Jesus would be Hercules, who has about the same origin story.

prepare yourself for the all-consuming pyres of the flame wars. not bad, though.